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Stag and the city - About us!

Hey there,

What to know about Romania? I`ll cut to the chase: Beautiful Women and Amazing Parties.

We represent Romania and all it`s beauties, but from all the cities it holds, Bucharest is the most important piece of the puzzle. Called also “The Little Paris” of the Eastern Europe, Bucharest is famous for its vibrant nightlife and offers superb partying for cheapest prices in Europe. It`s a city where all your senses will come to life and where you will realize that Fun, Hot Babes, Free entry to Amazing Clubs, Very Low Prices for Drinks and Food, come all together and create the BEST MOMENTS and the BEST PARTIES EVER!!!

No matter if you come alone or with your friends, Bucharest is ideal for Stag Weekends, Birthday Parties, City Breaks, or just a guys getaway. And we are proud to say that statistically  Bucharest is the safest capitals in Europe, and we guarantee it by the services we offer. The Romania hospitality will leave you speechless every time you will visit our country, because you will be pampered with our friendship, look at Europe’s most beautiful Romanian girls (whom are known worldwide for their beauty and their “Je ne sais quoi!”), listen to the newest hits in the most amazing night clubs, taste delicious food in the best restaurants in town. Here you can really see and experience what fun, eroticism and beauty mean.

You will be escorted all the time by our young and energetic female Hostesses, who will show you how we LOVE TO PARTY HARD!!!

Our team of Hostesses will take special care of you and your needs during your stay. They will follow you wherever you want to go, showing you around the town. Our Hostesses are beautiful Romanian girls, educated, friendly, have very good knowledge of English and other foreign languages, and they will lift your Romanian experience to new heights. They will escort you during the night time to the best nightclubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, strip clubs and hotels in Bucharest.

Note to self!!! Be careful. As I said before, we Romanians, we LOVE TO PARTY HARD and we`ll always take Partying to the Highest Level!!! But we also want you to remember this great experience where you will have intense activities, there won`t be so much time for sleeping, because you will get the chance to meet hot babes, eat great food and have loads of fun with your friends. After all, we`ll organise for you one hell of a party!!! So don`t forget to pack all of your strength on your way here, because you`ll need it!

So come and give us a chance and visit Romania. You will never regret it!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain